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Fulfilling Work in Ireland

Ireland today is emerging from the long shadow of the recession to enjoy a stronger labour market. For citizens to reap the benefits of the economic recovery to enjoy a better quality of life, we need to focus not only on the numbers in employment but also on quality of work.

Drawing on national and European statistics, Fulfilling Work in Ireland discusses how the changing labour market and economy are impacting on quality of work and wellbeing for workers across Ireland. Against a backdrop of flat lining real wages and growing insecurity for many, the report argues that a renewed focus on job quality will be key to ensuring the economic recovery delivers for people in Ireland. Read the discussion paper, Fulfilling Work in Ireland or explore the full data review.

Ensuring Good Future Jobs

In recent years, the idea that paid work should be of a certain quality, rather than simply available, has become a much more prominent ambition of public policy. In Ireland, the Government’s Future Jobs Strategy signals ‘a deliberate policy shift to increase firstly quality jobs that will allow for better living standards and secondly, sustainable jobs that will be less vulnerable to loss.’

In support of this ambition, the Carnegie UK Trust and TASC are bringing together perspectives on job quality and the future of work in Ireland in a new essay collection. Ensuring Good Future Jobs will feature contributions from key social partners in Ireland, including business representatives, academics, the trade union movement and wider civil society. The essays will explore what ‘good future jobs’ might look like for workers in different sectors and regions of Ireland – and what policies and practical changes may be needed to achieve these.

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