The Brief

Good quality local news is vital to our individual and societal wellbeing. Reputable, independent sources of local news are important for democratic engagement in our communities, provide a voice for community campaign, and connect people to the places where they live. However, the traditional model for local news is increasingly under threat.

Our Neighbourhood News project seeks to highlight the need for new business models and innovative approaches to delivering high quality local journalism.

We have supported five hyperlocal news organisations to deliver a local news project in their community, supported the development of a new directory of hyperlocal websites in the UK and Ireland, showcased the activities of innovative hyperlocals to support peer to peer learning, and are exploring ways to support the sustainability of hyperlocals in bringing a greater plurality of voices to the UK journalism sector.

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Add your hyperlocal news site to Local Web List, a new directory of hyperlocal websites across the UK and Ireland

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