The Brief

As one of the largest policy and practice institutions in the UK to be town-based, the Carnegie UK Trust is interested in the innovation, regeneration and sustainability of towns.


Turnaround Towns UK

We have produced Turnaround Towns UK, which brings together nine stories of towns throughout the UK who are working to bring about transformational change in their places.

The end of 2019 is an opportune time to be looking at what works to support innovative policy and practice for towns. Towns face challenges in being represented in policy and gaining access to appropriate development funding. The question is how policy makers can support towns in this time of change to make the most of upcoming opportunities.

We are working with other organisations with a knowledge of towns to support towns and regional bodies to develop strategies to improve individual, community and societal wellbeing.


Turnaround Towns: International Evidence

In 2016, our Turnaround Towns: International Evidence research examined international examples of towns that have successfully gone through a transformation process, and considered what learning can be drawn for towns in the UK and Ireland.

In 2017, to share its learning, we convened two roundtable events in Wales in partnership with WCVA. Based on these discussions, we set out recommendations for Welsh and local government, the voluntary and business sectors, and individuals and communities themselves.



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Time for Towns

Read and share our key asks for all those interested in town socioeconomic development across the UK

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