Civil Exchange
Year: 2019

A Call to Action for a Better Way calls for a radical shift to liberate the power of connection and community to improve services and strengthen communities. That power is created when:
  • Everyone is heard and believed in, given a fair opportunity to thrive, and the ability to influence the things that matter to them.
  • Every community comes together, looks out for each other, respects difference, and enables everyone to belong.
  • Society as a whole values and invests in everyone and in every community.
This isn’t happening now. Too many people and communities are left out and left behind. Our national conversation often leaves us feeling powerless. It’s true that power is in too few hands. But there are actions we can take to challenge this and principles we can follow.  The Call to Action identifies four key areas where Better Way principles can be put into practice: sharing power; changing practices; changing organisations and collaborative leadership.

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