Jim Metcalfe
Year: 2012
ISBN: 978-0-900259-89-0

NGO's, Intergovernmental Organisations And Public Economic Debate

  A balanced debate about the economy is healthy. Having different views represented - from government, business, nongovernmental organisations and citizens - helps people to better understand how markets and economies are run, and what reform might be needed to improve them. This Carnegie UK discussion paper analyses how connected UK citizens feel they are to the international institutions that regulate trade and economic activity. It looks at how effectively NGOs represent citizen views at the international level, and the trust and confidence citizens place in those NGOs and institutions. The paper argues that both NGOs and international institutions need to engage more actively in domestic economic debate in the current challenging climate, and presents ten questions for practical discussion to help identify how this engagement could be facilitated. The Trust welcomes and encourages feedback from this short summary paper. More information about this work and how to get involved is available in the Enterprise & Society section of the website.

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