Carnegie UK Trust
Year: 2011
ISBN: 978-0-900259-84-5

Nine Key Questions For Civil Society

  This discussion paper encourages civil society organisations to engage fully in the debates around this issue and ensure that the new regulatory regime on the media reflects a broad plurality of views from across society. In producing this paper the Carnegie UK Trust is clear that the press has a unique position and role in a democracy, scrutinising those in positions of power and holding them to account. This makes it unlike almost any other industry which may be the subject of regulation and therefore this is an issue which must be approached with great care. At the same time, however it is clear that the current regulatory system requires substantial reform and strengthening, and public confidence in the system must be restored. Achieving a balanced and effective set of solutions will not be straightforward. We believe that citizens and civil society must play a central role in the debate, and to help deliver a set of outcomes which meet the needs of all concerned. This discussion paper is designed to support this process. It outlines the nine key questions that we believe civil society organisations must consider if they wish to get involved in this critical policy area.

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