Carnegie UK Trust
Year: 2011

The Carnegie UK Trust is committed to a regular review of our work on a five yearly basis. 2011 marks the beginning of a new five year work plan. The Trust’s work over the next five years will focus on a set of three themes which all have the potential to contribute in a positive way to the wellbeing of people in their communities, in the regions and in the nations of the UK and Ireland. The three themes are: People and Place Enterprise and Society Knowledge and Culture Our Work The work is being approached by two staff teams: • The Policy Team are tasked with monitoring the policy landscape and providing targeted research on agreed topic areas. This research will be managed and undertaken through a broader set of tools including in-house and contracted research, stakeholder panels and study visits. The report sets out a range of possible methods of working. • The Practice Team are tasked with taking initiatives generated by policy and research (either the Trust’s own research or that developed by others) and developing them into practical pilot projects to be undertaken in partnership with other organisations interested in working in the same areas. Linking policy and practice Carnegie UK Trust links policy and practice and is committed to creating policy which is strongly evidence based. We aspire to be responsive to change, questioning and challenging. In 2011-2015, the Trust will be actively undertaking research, developing policy, identifying innovative practice, developing practical projects, being an advocate for Trust policies and working to influence decision makers. Partnerships for well-being The purpose of the Carnegie UK Trust is to work to improve the lives of people throughout the UK and Ireland, by changing minds through influencing policy, and by changing lives through innovative practice and partnership work. This is a contemporary understanding of our deed which sets out Andrew Carnegie’s purpose in establishing the Trust in 1913. The Trust’s purpose is to seek: “Improvement of the well-being of the masses of the people of Great Britain and Ireland by such means as are embraced within the meaning of the word “charitable” ... and which the Trustees may from time to time select as best fitted from age to age for securing these purposes, remembering that new needs are constantly arising as the masses advance.” For more information about trustees and staff see Who we are Carnegie UK Trust is a Scottish organisation, founded by the Scots philanthropist Andrew Carnegie and based in Dunfermline. Our work is focussed on the five jurisdictions of Great Britain and Ireland, but we value our links abroad and have an international perspective. Click this link to download the Strategic Plan 2011-2015

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